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Take a look at this nostalgic and quite satisfying video of the unboxing of an Apple iPod Nano.

Back in the day, when Apple iPods and MP3 players alike ruled the tech world, Apple released the thinnest iPod ever, the iPod Nano on the 7th of September 2005.

The iPod Nano came with a full-colour display, which was a huge improvement from its predecessor, the iPod Mini. It could hold up to 500 songs from its 8 Gb internal storage drive. It too could display photos like its big brother, the Apple iPod Classic, and could also support games.

Inside the box, which was far larger than the iPod, you'll find the device itself, paperwork, USB charging and data transfer cable, a pair of the first generation Apple earphones, earphone sponge covers, as well as a hard copy of iTunes on a CD – which supported both Windows and Mac.

If you owned one of these first-generation iPods, you'll be pleasantly reminded of what it was like opening the box, connecting your iPod up and seeing it come to life for the very first time!

Take a look at the hilarious video below by YouTube channel, Dank Pods, on Opening A Sealed Apple iPod Nano.

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