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Take a look at this unboxing video of the official Apple reusable facemask.

Nope, you did not read the title wrong, this is Apple's official take on the face mask. However, these Apple masks are not for sale to the public but rather available for Apple staff members to keep safe while at work and around other people.

But rather than just ordering a huge supply of generic disposable surgical face masks, Apple's designers and engineers got straight to the drawing board and created one which makes it an official Apple product.

Apple's face mask has been specifically engineered to be reusable and, of course, has the most fancy and high tech packaging ever for a mask. Each mask also has its very own unique serial number as well as its date of manufacture and like all other Apple products, it has: "Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China," written on the box.

In the box, you'll find five reusable face masks and some instruction manuals. Each mask has a recommended use time of eight hours before it has to be washed.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Unbox Therapy, on Apple's official reusable face mask unboxing.

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