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Not all gadgets are sound, we all know this, but here are four unusual ones that actually work.

We've all seen or even purchased a product that promises to be life-changing. Unfortunately, all it achieves is to empty your wallet and leave you disappointed.

However, there are times when a gadget that seems like it won't work, surprises you. For instance, the HyperWhistle. It is the world's loudest whistle, and you're probably wondering why anyone would need that. Well, imagine you're lost in the desert, or your boat has sunk, and you're stranded. A whistle that people can hear two miles away could come in pretty handy. It could save your life, sceptics!

Then, there's the Simply Hold. We've seen a lot of these type of mobile device holders before, but they're usually not particularly well manufactured. In this case, the clasp holds tightly onto your device, and the gooseneck is sturdy and keeps its shape. The only issue that you might have is if you need to get up often. It uses a strap that attaches to your leg, which might be an inconvenience unless you're planning on doing a long session of sitting.

The Toadfish Cooler is a double-walled vacuum-insulated can holder that keeps your drinks cold. It's made of hi-grade stainless steel and comes with interchangeable rubber gaskets for different sized cans. But, its principal selling point is that it's non-tipping, which means no more accidental spills. Winning!

Last up is the Car Organiser. This sturdy car tray straps to the rear of the front seats, and acts as a convenient food and drink tray for rear-seat passengers. It's multifunctional too, so when you're done munching down, it can be used to hold your phone, wallet and any other items that are filling up your pockets. It comes with two drinks holders that can accommodate a medium-sized McDonalds cold-drink, an enclosed pocket, a mini tray and a large flat surface for larger items. When you're done, it folds up like you're on an aeroplane. Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

And there you have it, four unusual gadgets that actually work. They're available on Amazon and other online stores, and they may really make your life easier. And who doesn't want that...

Check them in action in the Freakin' Reviews YouTube video below.

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