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Let's be honest Harry Potter made newspaper GIFs a thing and now it is like its coming to life. The nostalgia of the past meets the excitement of future with this DIY Polaroid camera that can print tangible copies of moving images. 

The camera was made by New York-based developer Abhishek Singh, and as the name suggests, the 'InstaGif,' instantaneously prints out moving, 3-second videos. To use the InstaGif, one simply points and shoots to capture video footage. Instead of printing a square piece of instant film, the camera ejects a film cartridge, which features a screen containing the short, GIF-like video clip. The cartridge can only store one moving image at a time, meaning a user's video will get wiped when the camera is used again. However, the cartridge is USB compatible, enabling users to upload the clips to their computer or mobile devices as they go.

Have a look at the video below to see the InstaGif in action, if you want to see how Abhishek Singh made the DIY Polaroid InstaGif camera, simply go here!

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