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In this video, YouTube channel The Action Lab, cuts a hole in a vacuum chamber to test out what gloves could be used in space. He puts his arm through the hole in the glove to test out several gloves then finally test if a glove strengthened by duct tape could hold in the pressure when in space!

He then went ahead and tested if duct tape could be used to repair a ship in space by taping over the hole he made in the vacuum chamber, to see if it holds up under full vacuum.

Real astronaut gloves need to retain and deflect heat, but yours just need to look like they do. Take your gloves and use the duct tape to cover the knuckles and cuffs of the gloves.

Astronauts wear two types of spacesuits; The Sokol suit is worn during launch – to and return from the International Space Station (ISS) – and the Extra Vehicular Activity (EVA) suit is worn for spacewalks.

This video is for entertainment purposes only so be sure to check it out!



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