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A radar system is a device that senses objects with the help of Ultrasonic Sensors, so it is able to work during night times. In the video below you will learn how to make your very own Arduino radar system. The Ultrasonic sensor is mounted to a servo motor so that it can move in a 180º movement.

The servo motor can either be set to rotate automatically to scan a certain area or can be rotated manually using a mobile app so that you can choose in which way the sensor should focus, even if you choose your own required direction and sense the objects present in that direction.

The ultrasonic sensor is affordable an has been used mainly for object avoidance in various robotic projects. It essentially gives your Arduino eyes special awareness and can prevent your robot from crashing or falling off a table.
It has also been used in turret applications, water level sensing, and even as a parking sensor. This simple project will use the HC-SR04 sensor with Arduino and a processing sketch to provide a neat little interactive display on your computer screen. Watch the video below to learn how to make your very own DIY Arduino radar system.



  • A +5V power supply ( I am using my Arduino (another) board for power supply)
  • Arduino Mega (You can use anything from pro mini to Yun)
  • Servo Motor (any rating)
  • Bluetooth Module (HC-05)
  • Ultra Sonic Sensor (HC-SR04)
  • Breadboard (not mandatory)
  • Connecting wires
  • Android mobile
  • Computer for programming

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