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This extraordinary mobilize rescue system is transforming bystander administered first aid kits forever! The unique integration of modern medical supplies with an innovative app makes the Mobilize Rescue System the first aid kit that will save lives, it will empower bystanders to respond to an emergency while they wait for professional responders to arrive. 

The Mobilize Rescue System includes the knowledge and equipment to assist untrained bystanders that need a lending hand during unexpected emergencies. The rescue system also has an interactive app that runs an assessment-based algorithm to locate the most serious problems first. The innovative app directs the bystanders to find the proper equipment and then provides a step-by-step instruction on how to manage the medical emergency at hand. 

The app corresponds with the medical equipment which is labelled and colour coded for easy location and recognition. The video will tell you more about the Mobilize Rescue System and how you can take action in a medical emergency!



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