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Okay, let's admit it. We've all, secretly, at some stage, wanted to be in some kind of drunken bar fight, well now you kind of can. Some genius created a game where all you need to do is fight against drunk people in a bar. The more you drink in the game, the stronger you feel and you need that feeling boost to be ready to fight everyone in the bar.

Virtual Reality headsets are doing pretty good with creating highly-impressive experiences that we often would not have the opportunity to indulge in otherwise, and that is where Drunkn Bar Fight comes in. The game is a single-player and local multiplayer party game, and you can do – what you probably would not do – in a regular bar. Wouldn't you?

Drunkn Bar Fight is just a hilarious game, judging by the online gameplay videos. You grab a glass of beer – which you can throw at other people in the bar, by the way – and you can try and hit the guys standing in front of you. You get to tease the people, by giving them the finger and try hit them, but you have to avoid getting hit.

You can even wound your opponents without the guilt or legal complications that come with a traditional pub crawl. It is very likely that Drunkn Bar Fight will end up being a social party game that people of varying levels of drunkness will massively enjoy.

For now, Drunkn Bar Fight is still in Early Access on Steam, with no set release date for the final version.

Here is a look at the game in action:

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