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The smartphone is favoured by millions of users around the world when it comes to taking photos, so the RevolCam lens solution is here to upgrade the camera to be much better. Packing three different high-quality lenses into the mix, the device is able to augment photography from the get-go rather than requiring effects and changes to be made in post-production. It also features an adjustable brightness LED flash that will help to expand the capabilities without having to deal with the incorporated flash on your smartphone. The RevolCam also features a Selfie mirror to let users utilize the powerful rear camera of their device rather than the front camera. 

The RevolCam is easy to use and easy to install, with its universal fit and revolving design, the camera simply adds-on to your smartphone and is compact for easy transport to take it wherever you go! 

The RevolCam is available on Kickstarter and it is everything you need in one high-quality package, have a look at the creative solution for your smartphone camera in the video below. 

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