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Inspired by complex natural patterns, the Dutch Groningen-based WERC created a 'digital organism' which is set to be self-sufficient and are able to survive in a natural environment.
Consisting of numerous Pixies; the invention grows and develops almost without human input.

To understand the full idea behind the installation arranged in a forest, you need to take a step back from observing the behaviour of one Pixi and see the whole world. It is easy to notice the constant interaction of all parts. As long as more organisms are being added to the flock, the behavioural pattern continues to complicate and become more intelligent.

The Pixies sleep during the day and wake up at night, once a visitor brings a new Pixi lantern to life. A Pixi generates its wooden shape itself, then it is created by a computerized cutter. Like a living organism, pixies have similar characteristics, but on a closer inspection, no two pixies are exactly the same.

You can see the full TEDx talk by the designer, Olav Huizer, in the video below. You can also watch the promotion video and see the Pixi in action on Vimeo!


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