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One thing is for sure, the future is looking up, well, everyone will be taller. In the past 30 years, we have already seen a gradual increase in the average human height. 

Combining human bodies with machines to make ourselves more efficient is not far off as seen by the availability of hearing aids that have similar functionality to a smartphone! The advances in nanotechnology and robotics seem to be encroaching on the medical world, offering many solutions for the disabled. Once these innovations have integrated significantly into the medical sphere, it will be available to those without disabilities. Bionic limbs will allow humans to be stronger and faster.

Our immune systems and genes will be edited and eventually evolve to the point that we would be able to eradicate genetic deformities and diseases. Eventually, we could even edit our genes to reverse aging. 

While humans will look younger for longer, they will also become immortal. Scientists are working on uploading human knowledge and consciousness onto a machine. 

If......well, when, humans populate Mars, our pupils will evolve to be significantly bigger in order to take in more light to see better because there is significantly less light on Mars than there is on Earth.

Extra height, better eyes, and immortality! That's definitely something to look forward to.

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