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Technology companies are working to increase the human mind, and Youbionic is trying to increase the human body. Their 'augmented human double hand' showcases their first innovation at supporting our natural ability with the robotics to obtain extraordinary abilities.
The 3D printed wearable enhances augmented technologies to be much more than just an exoskeleton, where the limbs react according to the user's finger movements.

Youbionic is aiming to evolve the human race and this 3D printed wearable offers an extra hand or two. The upgrade so to speak, would help the user when typing on a keyboard at work, cleaning and cooking at home, and even improve your performance for leisure activities like gaming, music and sports. Using the latest technologies such as 3D printing and augmented reality, the seemingly futuristic concept has the potential to assist the human body even more.

Have a look at the vide to get an idea of how Youbionic's extra hand works.

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