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We have all experienced a windows update at some point or another. As luck would have it, though, it always decides to happen at the most inconvenient time as updates occur straight after you shut down.

But, what's rather odd is the "Don't Turn Off Your Computer" warning Microsoft Windows gives you during this process. If you are some sort of a tech psychopath, and have wondered what would happen if you were to force shut down your PC while an update was in progress, what would actually happen?

When Microsoft released Windows Vista, they realised that most people would receive windows updates via the internet. Because of this, they implemented a more robust and efficient update process which they called Component-Based Servicing, or CBS for short.

CBS works by first checking that all the required update files are present before starting the installation process, and has a failsafe system in place incase the computer losses power or gets turned off. So, when the computer gets rebooted, the update will therefore continue to install by making use of a process called "Rolling Back".

In most cases, turning off your computer while an update is in progress won't harm your computer at all.

But there is a chance something could go catastrophically wrong, as we never know which files are getting updated. If non-essential files are getting updated, you shouldn't have a problem at all, but what if files that are responsible for the core operating system are being updated?

In this case, some essential files responsible for computer function may indeed become corrupted and could prevent your computer from even getting past the loading screen! The good news, though, is that your personal data will never be affected and will therefore always be recoverable.

So in conclusion: Although there is a low risk that something catastrophic may occur to your computer if you turn it off during an update, we still highly recommend not trying it out!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Tech Quickie, on What If You Turn Off Your PC During An Update?

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