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MySpace went from being the biggest social network to nothing, but what killed MySpace?

MySpace took the best parts of other social networks at the time, such as Friendster, and built their platform around what people valued at the time. Back in the early 2000s, MySpace was the biggest internet company to come out of Los Angeles ever, with having the status of 75.9 million unique visitors a month, which was huge for any site to have. MySpace also broke the record of being the most popular website in the world.

Users had the ability to express themselves by customising their individual profiles and walls for their friends to check out, while celebrities and music artists could allow their fans to consume their content on a whole new exciting platform. However, after MySpace sold their startup digital company, the new priority was revenue generation, and this meant that monetization was put before the product. Facebook, a new social media platform, took the opposite approach, but what ultimately lead to Facebook's global success and MySpace's death wasn't a superior product, it was a series of bad choices.

After 2008, MySpace was officially redundant and the world took to Facebook with open arms instead. Check out the video below by YouTube channel, ColdFusion, on what killed MySpace.

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