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This is what Hollywood blockbuster, The Matrix, looks like without CGI. It's time to learn about special effects breakdown for movies.

Believe it or not, when the Wachowskis pitched their idea for the movie, they got turned down by many actors – including Will Smith and Val Kilmer. They were both reluctant to potentially damage their careers, as The Matrix movie was only the Wachowskis second movie ever, and the idea seemed to be too ambitious for them to effectively pull off.

But, after the initial movie came out, not only was it an international phenomenon, but their creative and innovative camera and special effects would go on to change the entire filming industry forevermore!

The most iconic and recognisable scene was the aptly titled "bullet time", which saw the main character, Neo, dodge bullets in slow motion. This scene was done in a green screen studio, but the cameras used weren't even video cameras, they were film photographic cameras! A total of 120 still film cameras were layered out in sequence and were timed to capture a total of five seconds of video, rendered into 24 frames per second.

In post-production, a digital technique called frame interpolation was used, which is the process of digitally creating and rendering new frames in between physical frames to give the illusion that it was shot at a far higher frame rate. This, in turn, creates a far slower and smoother end result!

Learn about this and other techniques in the video below by YouTube channel, Fame Focus, on This Is What The Matrix Really Looks Like Without CGI - Special Effects Breakdown.

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