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Future technology will undoubtedly be incredible, but what will it look like in 2050?

The technology of the future is both exciting and scary at the same time. Consider just 30-years ago, Tim Berners-Lee had just birthed the world wide web, and thirty years previous to that, Theodore Maiman perfected the laser. The considerable pace of invention is astounding, so let's see what it might look like in 30-years time.

Transportation will, quite likely, be considerably different. We've already got self-driving cars that are better for the environment, but development in trains is exciting to watch. When people like Elon Musk start working on projects like the Hyperloop, it's likely to be a terrific solution for both cargo and passengers. These trains will be considerably faster than those of today, even faster than Japan's magnetic trains. Think 600 miles per hour. Now that'll blow your hair back.

Moving from land to air, and drones will be a big part of our lives. They're already everywhere but, as traffic on our roads gets worse, companies will find ways for drones to work better for them. We're talking about hospitals delivering urgent supplies through the air, dodging those carrying pizzas and your new trainers. The latter, likely made with nanotechnology to help you jump higher and run faster.

Going even higher, many speculate Mars will be in reach, with small colonies and robots setting up camp on the Red Planet. This may not seem far-fetched when big shots, like Steve Bezos and our friend Elon have their sights set on our neighbour. Who knows, we may see another space race yet.

Two more frightening future technologies is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and prosthetics. Prosthetics I hear you say? Well, yes. People are already building prosthetics that can do amazing things. They may be clunky, but to give somebody a functioning hand or a suit to help workers lift heavy things. In 30 years, we could well see prosthetics that are fully compatible with the human body. We'll call these people cyborgs, and hope they don't collude with AI to get rid of us mere mortals.

That's right, there is and always will be the debate around what AI means to the human race. When will the robots finally take over? If you consider, AI is already in your car and mobile device, perhaps one day they will be too smart for us to control.

For these and more about technology in 2050, check out the video by Insane Curiosity below. To infinity and beyond!

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