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Date: 2018-07-04

Surely we have all been invited to a group chat on WhatsApp that was set up to do one thing but ends up becoming so irritating with people talking about non-relevant things.

Well, now WhatsApp lets you create a group that will only allow admins to send messages to the group. It is ideal for situations where one person, or small group of them, need to get info out to a large group without wanting the group to reply with semantic questions and GIFs about dancing cats. School functions and body corporate updates should be far cleaner affairs if everyone is not able to reply with inanities.

The feature has rolled out with the latest version of WhatsApp and it should be available for just about everyone. In order to invoke your internet shroud of silence, a WhatsApp group must be created as usual and, once everyone has joined in on the fun – or not, the group's settings should be accessed. You can apply this new feature to existing groups, letting you feel a little like an instant-message King!

To activate this latest WhatsApp update, head over to Group Info, and then to Group Settings. There are options for Edit Group Info and Send Messages. Select Send Messages, and select Only Admins. Congratulations, you (and your admins) hold the power in the group now.

Until people leave, that is. You can’t make them stay – unless it’s a work-related thing or something.


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