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You might have noticed whilst browsing around for your next new iPhone deal that Apple offers discounts on new iPhone models if a user were to trade in their old iPhone, but what exactly does Apple do with these old and used iPhones?

In 2017, Apple experienced the first substantial loss in iPhone sales largely due to market saturation as other smartphone manufacturers made as appealing products and the ever-increasing prices of new iPhone models. Apple had to make a change quite rapidly in order to win over old customers.

What Apple decided to do was offer a discount on new iPhone modes if a customer were to trade in their old iPhones. This allowed previous iPhone customers to upgrade their iPhone to a new model at a lower price which would allow them to afford to upgrade sooner, and Apple is able to refurbish used iPhones and sell them as new older models in certain countries.

This drastically helped Apple stay ahead of the highly competitive smartphone market in recent times.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why Apple Wants Your Old iPhone...

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