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It might have seemed to you that before the release of the first Apple iPhone, mobile phones were far more shatter-proof and could withstand a good couple of brutal drops before it really caused some significant damage, and you'd be 100% right!

As a matter of fact, when the original iPhone was in development, the former CEO of Apple, Steve Jobs, insisted that the design team change the already signed off hard plastic screen to swap it out with glass as he said the user experience would be like no other and it would be far more resistant to scuff marks and scratches which it most definitely was, however, the one thing it would be far worse at is shattering and cracking, but nevertheless, the glass display had the green light.

Nowadays, thanks to Apple, the industry standard for smartphone displays is gorilla glass which is more scratch and shatterproof than regular glass, but in comparison to plastic, it still breaks very easily.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why Apple iPhones Crack So Easily...

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