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For most of the iPhone's existence, Apple had a reputation of offering one of the best cameras ever fitted to a smartphone and the technology just got better and better with each new release of the iPhone. However, from the first iPhone right through to the iPhone 8 range, there was only 1 camera lens at the back. But since the iPhone X we have been introduced to multiple rear camera lenses, but what exactly is the reason for this?

The reason for this is that although the single-lens cameras on previous iPhone models were reasonable, they did have their limitations with the biggest one being no optical zoom or ability to change the field of view and although Apple did their best to get their cameras to deliver the best possible result with the help of software, they soon came to the end of their capabilities.

The next best option was to offer multiple lenses with each one covering a specific range of focal lengths that range from wide, ultra-wide, to telephoto.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why The iPhone Has 3 Cameras...

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