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There must be nothing worse than being so excited to unbox your brand new, and very expensive, Apple Macbook laptop only to find that all of your accessories won't physically connect to it any longer as the new Macbooks only support USB Type C.

You might think to yourself why on earth did Apple decide to make it so difficult for everyone, but as a matter of fact, their intentions were to make it as straightforward, and compatible as possible for the user.

USB Type C has been proven to be the most versatile connecter effect created for modern electronics as it not only can be fit in both ways (up ways as well as upside-down) with no issues at all but it also can be used as a charging port as USB Type C carried a much stronger current than regular USB and it supports high bit audio and video transfer so it can replace the need for an HDMI and even a Display Port.

The only frustration is using connectors in the interim to link up your current external devices so they can physically work.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Apple Explained on Why Macbooks Only Have USB C Ports...

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