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Take a look at the reasoning behind why Apple won't make use of USB Type-C on any of their iPhones.

Apple was one of the companies involved in the development of USB Type-C, and you can find USB Type-C on most of the new Mac products, but simply not on the iPhone or the iPad for that matter.

Apple has been using the Lightning cable since the iPhone 5 generation which was launched in 2012. But, as other smartphone manufacturers made use of USB Type-C since 2015, Apple did not. USB Type-C was first used in smartphones in 2015, and is still the standard today because of its diverse third-party accessory options and its faster data transfer rate. The Lightning cable, however, is significantly slower.

But yet, Apple still refuses to switch. By not moving to USB Type-C, Apple has full control over which third-party accessories will be available to work with the iPhone, which ultimately improves the user experience.

There are expectations of Apple to ditch cable ports completely in the next generation of iPhone, as wireless charging becomes increasingly more popular. And, as for data transfer, it will all be wireless, which is faster than USB Type-C anyway.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on Apple Is So Far Behind.

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