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Is 2021 the year that finally kills off the DSLR camera?

Photography enthusiasts and professionals have been bombarded with a decision they have to make in order to stay up to date in terms of the latest and greatest photographic tech. That is, whether or not to invest in a mirrorless camera or stick with the workhorse DSLR camera.

Mirrorless cameras have been taken seriously in the industry for the larger part of the last decade and are becoming increasingly more popular, but why is that?

There are many benefits to switch to a mirrorless camera system. Some of them include a much more compact and lightweight design, a brand new and speedy lens system – that makes use of electronic methods rather than mechanical – which improves on things such as autofocus and in-camera stabilisation. But that doesn't necessarily mean the DSLR is dead, right?

What the data is showing us is that a mirrorless system offers a far better all rounded package in terms of camera features as opposed to the nearly 100-year-old design of an SLR camera.

Mirrorless systems have the advantage of being incredibly good video cameras, have a far faster sync speed with flash, and many more autofocus points. Modern digital viewfinders help in terms of preview accuracy as well.

The top camera manufacturers such as Canon, Sony, Nikon and Fujifilm are investing largely in the mirrorless systems, and it seems as if the enthusiasm for bulky DSLR cameras is dying off slowly.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Engadget, on Why Mirrorless Cameras Are Taking Over The Market.

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