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The AirTag was a rather unexpected product released by Apple in April of 2021 and, rather quickly, people released just how incredible and useful they are!

Apple AirTags are used to tag and track valuable items such as backpacks, keys, handbags and so on. They are tracked by making use of the Find My app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and, even if the AirTag is quite literally hundreds of miles away, the AirTags are still traceable. This is because of over 1 billion Apple devices using Find My worldwide at any given moment. So, all that has to happen, is the AirTag coming into relatively close proximity of an Apple device in order for the Find My network to pinpoint its location.

But what happens if you were to track an AirTag around the world?

YouTuber by the channel name The Apple Circle did exactly that. They, quite literally, shipped an Apple AirTag around the world to see just how well the Find My app and AirTag system works...

Take a look at their video below titled We Tracked An AirTag Around The World!

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