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YouTube has officially decided to change up how the Dislike button works on their video streaming platform by removing the Dislike count to the public eye.

So the Like button will still work as usual, but the Dislike button will change up by not necessarily being removed, but rather the Dislike count number not being publicly visible anymore.

The decision by YouTube to remove the Dislike count is an effort to prevent abuse of it as many users hit the Dislike button for questionable reasons, to say the least.

So the Dislike count will now only be visible to the content creator, but it is not clear as of yet whether or not it will be visible below the video as per usual, or if the Dislike count figure will only be visible in Creator Studio or analytics.

So removing the Dislike count on YouTube will hopefully limit further discrimination and abuse on the video streaming social network.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on Thoughts On YouTube Removing The Numbered Dislikes To The Public...

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