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Lucky Android users had no idea that a YouTube feature they have had for years is only now available on the iPhone. Apple users can finally enjoy picture-in-picture!

YouTube's Picture-in-Picture feature allows a user to continue watching a YouTube video whilst using other smartphone applications. When activating this feature, Your Youtube video will be minimised into a mini player that you can move around your screen. You can also control it, basically, with a play and pause button, rewind, fast forward and close. This allows you to quickly access any apps on your phone. You can send texts, check emails and browse social media, all while your YouTube video is still playing.

Although this feature has been in Beta for over a year, it is now officially been activated for iPhone users. However, don't get too excited just yet... this feature is only available for iPhone users who have subscribed to YouTube Premium. 

It's rather unfortunate that Apple doesn't allow more flexibility with their API to third-party applications. But it's most likely got to do with privacy concerns or a violation of the overall iOS user experience.

Watch the video below by the YouTube channel, Rene Ritchie, on YouTube PiP on iOS... But with a HUGE Catch!

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