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Take a look at this incredible custom made iPhone with a folding display.

Beloved Apple iPhone fans globally have never been as envious of Samsung devices as they have been over the last two years. That's largely due to the fact that Apple has shown little to no interest in folding screen technology, while their biggest competitor, Samsung, has released four smartphones already with functional folding touch screen displays.

It is uncertain whether or not Apple will adapt to this technology or not in the near future as there is nothing but speculation floating around. However, the most compelling information we have is analysing what Apple has done in the past. They are well-known for letting other companies research and develop and thoroughly test new technologies and then when the time is right, adapt to it.

But, for one tech YouTuber, the anticipation clearly got too much. He took matters into his own hands and created a folding iPhone display himself! YouTuber, Scotty, from the channel, Strange Parts, managed to get hold of a folding AMOLED smartphone display. He then connected to an iPhone through a custom programmed Raspberry Pi chip to make the screen interactive and thus giving us a great understanding of how a folding iPhone could look.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Strange Parts, on A Folding iPhone?

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