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For the most part, Windows and Mac work perfectly right out the box for their users and work substantially well for day to day tasks and functionality, but if you wanted more out of your operating system, which one should you opt for? Well, that depends on you but one thing we can most probably all agree on is the fact that Microsoft Windows is far more customisable and offers far more support for third party hardware and software.

Here are 10 ways Microsoft Windows is quite simply better for more advanced users:

  1. Gaming & Gaming Hardware Support
  2. It Just Works - No additional effort is needed to get started
  3. Customisation - Beyond just changing your wallpaper and theme colour, you can customise many more features in Windows.
  4. Toolbox - The user can vastly optimise the user experience to their personal liking.
  5. Support Base - Windows has the biggest support base out of any other operating system, so if you need to ask someone about a specific functionality or just want to learn something new, you have all the support you could ever want right at your fingertips.
  6. Productivity - From an operating system viewpoint, Windows comes standard with amazing programs suited for each respective task, so good in fact that there is a huge market for these programs on other operating systems as well.
  7. OS Unity - Moving from one version of Windows to another is rather straightforward and needs no training.
  8. Taskbar - Many operating systems offer a similar feature, but none are as functionality-rich as the one offered on WIndows as you can preview programs and windows that are open and close them right from the taskbar without opening them up first.
  9. Reliability - Gone are the days of the blue screen of death which hurt Microsoft's reputation. Crashes still exist, but they are very uncommon in modern times.
  10. Compatability - Whether you're installing a new piece of hardware or some specialised software, chances are you'll get it working with ease on Windows and not as easily on other operating systems.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Linus Tech Tips on 10 Ways Windows Is Just Better

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