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We all love cool gear. Here is a list of 15 electronic gadgets you must have.

Let's be honest, gadgets are excellent, and many of them we use every day. Some of them are fascinating, while others are useful and make life simpler. What is also great is that smart people dream up new ones all the time, here are just a few of the 15 must-have electronic gadgets that will blow your mind in the video below.

First up is the Cynaps athletic cap. So, what's so special about this headwear? Well, this one uses a Bluetooth bone conductor to pump sound directly into your inner ear without using headphones or speakers. Using small vibrations, it transmits clear audio directly to your ears via transducers sewn into the sides of it.

Up next is the Synesthesia X1 – 2.44. Weird name, yes, but this gadget is excellent. This chair, made up of two speakers and 44 haptic actuators, is encased within a cube, that wraps you up in a world of sounds. After a long day at the office, it's an escape that will help you relax and get lost in an incredible musical adventure.

For those who use a laptop but long for an extra screen, then the Mobile Pixels Duex Pro may be just the gadget for you. It is a slide-out LCD screen that attaches via magnets to the lid of your laptop, creating a dual-monitor setup. It's light and relatively thin and connects via a USB cable. It can slide out from either side or be turned around so you can share your screen with others. Perfect for those who are always on the go.

The Knocki is a smart device that reacts to knocking, whether that be on the wall, floor or tabletop. With a few taps on a solid surface, the Knocki will activate and start pre-programmed tasks for you. From alerting you via a text to your mobile that someone is at your door, to ordering pizza delivery, this device will make repetitive tasks easy and automated.

The world's first data transfer and charging cables are called the Supercalla. They are made from premium grade, durable silicone and are rated for fast charging and data transferring. They also come with magnetic joints that help keep the cable tidy and durable.

Paranoid Home is a startup that makes sure your smart speakers only listen when you want them to. This one is a definite must-have for those who are paranoid that Alexa is always listening. Basically, the Paranoid Home devices use a small circuit to prevent the preferred smart speaker from hearing anything until it is deactivated. It effectively prevents it from listening to your every word.

If you love technology but miss the good old pen and paper, then the Remarkable 2 tablet is perfect for you. It uses ultra-thin high-friction surface materials that look and feel like paper. You can write directly onto the surface and then sort, store and share as you see fit. It can convert your handwriting to text and save them as editable PDFs too. It connects to your other devices too, so every note you make is automatically shared. It's the best of both worlds.

Up next is the GoTenna Mesh, a device that turns your mobile phone into a two-way radio that can keep you connected when you go off-grid. It's perfect for hiking or camping in the sticks, has a four-mile transmission radius and will piggy-back off of any other GoTenna Mesh that's in range.

For more information on these and others, check out the Minds Eye Design video below on 15 Must-Have Electronic Gadgets And Gear. It's a treat.

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