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This insanely expensive $26,000 bag from Louis Vuitton has fibre optic RGB lights that are controlled via a mobile app.

Louis Vuitton has been around for newly 200 years and, in that time, have been producing some of the world's finest fashion items – at a hefty price of course.

In their latest travel bag creation, they have made use of some tech to bump up the wow factor, and we must say that although they have been quite ambitious, the result somewhat resembles something out of the gaming world.

Louis Vuitton has created a travel bag that has internal RGB fibre optics that illuminate the Louis Vuitton or "LV" logos that cover the bag. These colour patterns, breathing speeds and loops are all controlled via an official Louis Vuitton mobile app for your smartphone, so you have full control.

Don't let these gimmicks fool you though, if you want this bag, it's going to set you back a whopping $26,000, but at least you'll look pretty fly with your flagship brand RGB lit travel bag.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Frozen Luxury, on the $26,000 Louis Vuitton Bag With RGB Lights Controlled By A Mobile App.

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