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A Rotterdam based research and design studio – The New Raw – has introduced a new initiative called Print Your City!. The company utilizes 3D printing to transform plastic waste into urban furniture, and the first outcome of the project takes the form of the XXX bench; a furniture piece designed for Amsterdam which generates a new use for recycled plastic bags.

The XXX bench seats two to four people and takes the form of a double-sided rocking chair. The design acts as a statement on working together to close the cycle for plastic. Users have to find equilibrium together or use their energy to rock each other. Each XXX bench can be easily customized in terms of shape or furniture and can also integrate messages or logos.
The production process utilizes recycled plastic pellets from municipal plastic waste or flakes from ground recycled products.

Each bench weighs up to 50kg and measures as 150cm long and 80cm wide. The piece is 100% recyclable and was produced in collaboration with Aectual, on a large scale pellet extrusion 3D printer.

Have a look at the gallery to see the XXX bench in full. It is quite amazing! 


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