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Premiere Pro is one of the most preferred video editing programs to date, but did you know just how customisable the program is? Here are 5 fantastic hidden features inside Adobe Premiere Pro that you probably didn't know about:

  1. Consolidate and Transcode Your Files - Click File > Project Manager > then go over and select Consolidate and Transcode. This will allow you to copy all assets in your project to a specific folder location that allows you to access those files perhaps on an external drive so you can continue working on your project on any computer that has Premiere Pro.
  2. Change how timeline audio keyframes work. Locate the keyframe button in the timeline > Right Click > Track Keygframes > Volume > this will allow premiere to embed keyframes on a point in time rather than the clip itself, allowing you to raise or lower volume at a set point rather than on the clip itself.
  3. Add photos and video to essential graphics. Essential graphics is mainly used for adding and creating text, but if you select > New Item > From File > Add photo and video.
  4. Rearrange Timeline To Stack > Rearranging your workspace is a personal choice, but usually, if you go down that path you'll end up with random floating windows that get in the way, if you right-click at the top of one of these windows you can click on Stacked Panel Group and all your floating panels and windows will be grouped together in a tab-based configuration.
  5. Create a file in your project from a created graphic. Edit > Upgrade to source graphic.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Premiere Basics on 5 Features In Adobe Premiere Pro You Probably Didn't Know About...

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