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Microsoft is on the verge of releasing Windows 11 that features an entirely new design, features and user experience and it's most definitely about time!

However, Microsoft doesn't exactly have the best reputation of releasing ground-breaking new products that sit well with consumers who were experienced with Windows Me, Windows Vista and Even Windows 8, so what can Microsoft change in order to prevent yet another failed product?

Here are 5 launch mistakes Microsoft can't repeat:

  1. Don't boast - Like any other tech company, they seem to always create a huge hype prior to the launch of the product, but sometimes that product doesn't come close to their original promises.
  2. Don't break compatibility - Windows 10 seemed to have gotten compatibility right, but Windows 11 can't fall short, not one bit!
  3. Don't rush the launch - Like any other piece of software, there are always going to be bugs that need fixing, but don't release it too soon either as a problematic first version is going to kill all the reputation.
  4. Don't be annoying - This might be a subjective thing, but there are certain things that are objectively annoying such as removing the start button in Windows 8...bad move Microsoft.
  5. Don't change everything we're already used to - Again, Windows 8 was a prime example, although everything might have seemed logical, it was far too different to what many people were used to already, we have to still have a sense of familiarity.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: CNET on Windows 11: Mistakes Microsoft Can't Repeat...

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