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Computer viruses are amongst some of the most irritating and frustrating things in all technology, but unfortunately, they seem to be here to stay regardless if you're system is Microsoft, Linex or Apple-based.

There are many reasons as to why people create computer viruses and that can be anything from just trying to see how fast a virus can spread, to do as much internal computer system and software damage as possible right through to revealing private documents and passwords to steal from users which is why antivirus systems and programs still have a place in today's day in age.

The top 5 most devastating computer viruses happened within the past 2 decades and some were so severe that they caused some countries internet connections to crash completely!

  • Melissa Macro Virus - $80 Million worth of damage.
  • I Love You Worm Virus - $10 Billion worth of damage.
  • SQL Slammer Worm Virus - $1.2 Billion worth of damage.
  • 2007 Storm Worm Virus - $37.1 Billion worth of damage.
  • Mebroot/Torpig Worm Virus - $78 Billion worth of damage.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: The Sci Show on 5 Of The Worst Computer Viruses Ever...

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