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Check out the rather pointless yet insanely cool transparent OLED TV.

A Chinese TV manufacturer has revealed a fully transparent TV which they call the Mi TV Lux Transparent Edition. This, however, is all good and well, but what we don't understand is why some Chinese based tech reviewers say the Mi TV Lux is a "turning moment for the TV industry."

The TV industry is experiencing the same technological limitations as what the mobile smartphone industry is going through as well. Not that it's a problem, but most flagship smartphones and TV's are the same shape, support mostly the same features and each new version that gets released is just slightly better than the previous version, with slightly more pixels and sometimes a slightly bigger size as well. Nothing truly innovative and revolutionary has hit the shelves in quite some time.

However, Mi TV's have thought they broke through this innovative barrier with a transparent TV. Although the idea is rather impressive, in comparison to a regular TV, it lacks in contrast, HDR capability and is limited to only full high definition (1080p).

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Linus Tech Tips, on I Bought A Transparent TV For $7,000.

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