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As technology improves, so do hacking methods. But how does hacking work? Security researcher and computer hacker, Samy Kamkar, explains it to us in 5 levels of difficulty.

All of us know about hacking, and we've heard about it in the news as countries use cyberattacks to trip their opponents up. The thing is, how much does the general public know about how it all works.

Fortunately, not all hackers are malicious. Sammy Kamar, for instance, is a multidisciplinary engineer, security researcher, and the cofounder of Openpath Security. He wasn't always a good guy though, in a past life, the US Secret Service banned him from computers for several years for hacking.

Kamar now focuses on releasing open source security research and exploitation tools. Which means that he hacks systems legally to show his customers where their vulnerabilities are.

In the video below by Wired on YouTube, Kamar explains the concept of hacking to 5 individuals; a child, a teenager, a college student, a grad student and another expert.

He has a fascinating conversation with each of them, helping them to understand the concept of hacking and the ethics behind what he does for a living. It's an interesting watch, and you should check it out so you too can learn more about computer hacking.

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