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A new type of quantum battery will change the way we use technology, with a battery charge that never runs out.

As amazing and advanced as technology such as smartphones are today, they have a major flaw, they require more battery power. We have grown largely dependent on charging our phones almost daily, and that is nothing but an inconvenience as they always seem to run out of charge when we need them most.

Engineers from the University of Alberta in Canada and the University of Toronto have been working on developing a new type of battery solution, with research into quantum mechanics as an energy source. The science is showing that these new quantum batteries will have a smartphone's battery charge that will last longer than the actual phone will.

Furthermore, quantum batteries can be used in devices such as laptops, electric scooters, electric vehicles and even smartwatches. This will inevitably make the consumers lives much more convenient, and save tech manufacturing companies billions of dollars on shipping products with charging units as there will be no need for them anymore!

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Riddle, on A Quantum Battery That Will Never Run Out.

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