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There's a process called gasification, and mad genius, Colin Furze, uses it to make a wood-powered lawnmower.

Okay, time for a lesson in science. If you burn wood at a high temperature with little oxygen, it will give off a gas. That expelled gas is flammable, and this is what Colin will use to power his lawnmower.

Now, if you don't know who Colin Furze is, then you're missing out. This tie-wearing madman is one of YouTubes craziest inventors, with more than 10.5-million followers. He's the guy who gave us a 20,000 Watt electric drift trike, a jet-powered vacuum cleaner, a full-size Star Wars Tie Fighter and so much more.

He's the go-to-guy for any crazy project. And this one is pretty wild. It's the steam-punk version of a lawnmower, and his neighbours must think he's totally nuts.

It's a trial and error process, with many iterations and adaptations, but Colin is determined. It helps that he's not scared to get dirty or, in this case, gas himself to death.

This project is actually a test to see if he can get everything working correctly. Ultimately, he wants to use gasification to power his own doomsday bunker, as one does. But the process can create a lot of waste if it's not set up optimally, like thick black tar.

To find out more about the process and to find out if he gets it right, hit play on the video below. It's amusingly informative!

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