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Mythbusters host, Adam Savage, reveals a myth he nor the rest of the crew will ever attempt to bust!

The super popular science show on the Discovery Channel called Mythbusters ran for 15 years, from 2003 right up to their final episode in early 2018. Over one and a half decades of confirming and busting myths by practically recreating them, the Mythbusters have indeed done hundreds of scientifically based tests and experiments, some of which are incredibly dangerous!

However, during a Q&A by the YouTube channel, Adam Savage's Tested, Savage reveals a myth he, nor the rest of the Mythbusters crew would ever dare to recreate. That is, to bust or confirm whether or not a liquid oxygen spill on a road by a truck could turn the road into a bomb waiting to explode. Adam Savage also explains the reasons why liquid oxygen is such a dangerous material.

Adam also says that they would have probably been able to replicate the experience on a smaller scale but then why do it at all.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Adam Savage's Tested, on Adam Savage reveals a myth he or the rest of the Mythbusters crew won't ever dare to bust!

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