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Adobe is famous for making some of the most intricate and creative computer applications in the world, with its most famous product, Photoshop, now even officially considered a verb in the English dictionary!

But, what other programs does Adobe make and what are they exactly used for?

Here is a list of all of Adobe's programs, including their function:

  1. Adobe Photoshop – Raster graphics and photo editor.
  2. Adobe Illustrator – Vector graphics editor and design program.
  3. Adobe After Effects – Digital visual effects and motion graphics.
  4. Adobe XD – Vector-based user experience design tool for web apps.
  5. Adobe InDesign CC – Desktop publishing and typesetting software.
  6. Adobe Lightroom – Organisation and image manipulation software.
  7. Adobe Premiere Pro – Timeline-based video editing software.
  8. Adobe Spark – Integrated suite of media creation applications for mobile and web.
  9. Adobe Fresco – Free drawing and painting app.
  10. Adobe Rush – All-in-one video editing app for creating on the go.
  11. Adobe Dimension – 3D rendering and design software.
  12. Adobe Dreamweaver – Proprietary web development tool.
  13. Adobe InCopy – Professional word processor.
  14. Adobe Bridge – Free digital asset management app.
  15. Adobe Media Encoder – Rendering and transcode output software.
  16. Adobe Prelude – Ingest and logging tool for tagging media with metadata
  17. Adobe Audition – Sound editing program.
  18. Adobe Flash Professional – Development of interactive flash-based content.
  19. Adobe Flash Builder – Integrated development environment built on the Eclipse platform.
  20. Adobe Scout – Visual profiler for Adobe Flash content.
  21. Adobe Animate – Multimedia authoring and computer animation program.
  22. Adobe Air – Cross-platform runtime system.
  23. Adobe Character Animator – Combines live motion-capture with a multi-track recording system.
  24. Adobe Fuse – 3D computer graphics software.
  25. Adobe Acrobat Reader – View, create, manipulate, print and manage files in PDF.
  26. Adobe Acrobat Pro – Optical character recognition system used to convert scanned files, PDF files, and image files into editable documents.
  27. Adobe Creative Cloud – Set of applications and services from Adobe.
  28. Adobe Stock – Service that provides designers and businesses with access to millions of high-quality curated and royalty-free content.
  29. Adobe Typekit – Online service which offers a subscription library of fonts.
  30. Adobe Behance – Social media platform used to showcase and discover creative work.
  31. Adobe Portfolio – Online website platform to display your images in stunning galleries.
  32. Adobe Photoshop Elements – Scaled down version of Photoshop CC.
  33. Adobe Premiere Elements – Scaled down version of Premiere Pro CC.
  34. Adobe Cold Fusion – Commercial rapid web application development computing platform.
  35. Adobe Experience Cloud – A collection of integrated online marketing and web analytics products.
  36. Adobe Photoshop Express – Mobile version of Photoshop CC.
  37. Adobe Premiere Clip  Mobile version of Premiere Pro.
  38. Adobe Illustrator Draw – Mobile version of Illustrator CC.
  39. Adobe Lightroom Mobile – Mobile version of Lightroom Classic CC.
  40. Adobe Capture – Gives you the power to create production-ready colour themes, patterns, vector-based shapes, 3D materials, type, and custom brushes.
  41. Adobe Aero – Augmented reality authoring and publishing tool.
  42. Adobe Scan – Turns your device into a powerful portable scanner that recognises text automatically.
  43. Adobe RoboHelp – Help authoring tool.
  44. Adobe Presenter – eLearning software solution.
  45. Adobe Captivate – Authoring tool that is used for creating eLearning content such as software demonstrations, software simulations, branched scenarios, and randomised quizzes in Shockwave Flash and HTML5 formats.
  46. Adobe Framemaker – Document processor designed for writing and editing large or complex documents, including structured documents.
  47. Adobe Speedgrade – Colour grading application that delivers layer-based colour correction and looks design tools.
  48. Adobe Encore – DVD menu, titles and chapters creator and burner.
  49. Adobe Story Plus – Script development tool.
  50. Adobe Muse – Offline website builder used to create fixed, fluid, or adaptive websites.
  51. Adobe Fireworks – Bitmap and vector graphics editor.
  52. Adobe Camera Raw – Photographic digital negative editor.
  53. Adobe DNG Converter – Converts native RAW image formats into universal DNG files.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Humtog, on All 50+ Adobe Apps Explained In 10 Minutes.

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