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Modern manufacturing processes are incredible, and these factory machines will leave you speechless.

We see objects every day, but I bet we very seldom wonder how they were made. How about mass-produced wine glasses, have you ever considered how they were made? It's not done by one guy with a blow-pipe and a lot of time on his hands, it's all done by machines, and it's glorious.

And what about the process of making fabric? It's incredible to watch, from the freshly-shaved sheep to final quality check, there's a long process. First, the raw wool goes to the dye house, then it's off to blending, then there's carding, winding, warping and weaving. Next, the woven item goes to burling and mending before being washed and dried. All that's left then is a final inspection. Easy, right?

The video below takes us on a journey, revealing the process and machinery used in factories all around the world. There's a step-by-step guide to Electrolux washing machines, as well as recycling paper, and one that shows us how sheet metal is turned into wire fencing.

The engineers who design and build these machines are ingenious, creating solutions that save time and money while improving output. They all deserve a Bells, and you should watch their handiwork in the video below.

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