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Apple is going to ditch their current OLED displays and replace them with old school LCD displays, but with updated technologies.

A report by 9TO5Mac has shown that Apple will be ditching its use of OLED displays. Apple has always taken pride in their quality, dynamic range and resolution of their displays, and are rated one of the best for it. But now they have made the decision to part ways with OLED display technology, and are going to be bringing out their new devices with a screen type that was very popular in the 2000s, yup, you guessed it, LCD displays.

Although not even close to the same as what it was in the past, the technology they will be using is called Mini LED, which is essentially LED backlighting to an LCD or liquid crystal display.

The claimed benefits will be better brightness, drastically improved performance and battery consumption. However, there are worries about this display not outputting the same amount of contrast as OLED, but this will have to be tested once Apple makes the shift.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Later CLips, on Apple's Next Display Better Than OLED?

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