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Apple released the brand new Apple Watch Series 6 and SE, the all-new iPad Air 2020 and 8th Generation.

Apple held its annual product release and showcased some new and exciting tech and software, however, no iPhone 12 just yet! But, based on some of the new features on the iPad Air 2020 as well as the iPad 8th Generation, we can confidently assume the iPhone 12 will share them as well.

The new Apple Watches will share the same design as the previous generation but will be available in more colours. The new Apple Watch Series 6 will also feature better battery enhancements, which in return offer a far brighter display. A whole brand new and innovative feature is the blood oxygen level detector which will read how much oxygen is coursing through your veins!

Apple also released the Apple Watch SE, which is the same design and user interface as the Series 6 but with slightly fewer features. It can be compared more closely to the Apple Watch Series 5 which will be a more affordable alternative.

Apple also celebrates 10 years of the iPad with over 500 million units sold. In addition, Apple released the iPad 8th Generation, which keeps the same design as the previous generation but features the Apple A12 processor and twice the graphics speed. Apple also released the iPad Air 2020, which now comes in a completely new housing design which makes it far sleeker-looking, and also has updated hardware to allow the user to run more CPU-heavy tasks.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, Everything Apple Pro EAP, on Apple Watch Series 6 & SE, iPad Air 2020 & 8th Gen Released!

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