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For as long as the internet has been around, there have been people trying to take advantage of others using clever digital tricks, however, in more recent years, anti-virus and online digital safely as well as virtual private networks, or VPN's, have somewhat claimed to protect us from harmful and malicious digital behaviour and they have indeed helped quite a substantial amount. However, a new digital hack has emerged and has already affected over 4,000 YouTube accounts which are a big target for hackers.

How this all happens is a hacker would claim to be a provider of a digital service such as a VPN and claim that they want to buy advertising space in a YouTube video directly to the creator. They then forward an email with a link to the YouTube account owner and as soon as they click the link, a virus is able to collect temporary browser cookies and steal login credentials and passwords.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Later Clips on At Least 4,000 YouTube Accounts Were Hacked By This Scam...

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