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Passing your carry-on luggage over to security for an x-ray scan before boarding your flight usually leaves most people with a slightly uncomfortable feeling, regardless if you're doing something wrong or not. It is most likely going to go just fine, provided you don't have anything on board that is strictly banned for flights.

But, you'd be surprised at just how many people attempt to carry on obviously banned objects on commercial flights!

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) has hundreds of security procedures in place in order to make air travel as safe as possible. In doing so, each and every baggage item has to be scanned for banned and potentially harmful items.

Some people have been dumb enough to try and get away with trying to sneak in some bizarre items. Some of these include rare venomous snakes stuffed into computer hard drives, dead seahorses in whiskey bottles, human remains, live domestic pets, moose poop, ninja stars, various knives and weapons, samurai swords with tasers attached to them, and even full-size rocket launches!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, The Infographics Show, on Insane Things Found By Airport Security In Passenger Carry-ons.

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