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Is there a difference between the blue chat bubbles and green chat bubbles in Apple iMessage? And if so, what is it? Here we explain it all:

Back in the day of the early cellphones, you could send a text message with a 160 character limit through a mobile service provider system called SMS, or Short Messaging Service and all you needed was a cellphone with a sim card and the cellphone number of the person you wanted to send the message to.

Later on, in the early 2000s, a new form of SMS came out called MMS or Multimedia Messaging Service that allowed you to send image files, emojis, audio as well as text to the recipient and vice versa.

But then along came the smartphone. In Apple's case, it was the iPhone. And in 2011, Apple released a new messaging app called iMessage that incorporated SMS, MMS as well as a new internet messaging system similar to WhatsApp, all into one.

The difference between the green and blue chat bubbles is to help the user determine whether or not the message sent or received was an iMessage or an SMS and the blue chat bubble is for iMessage and green is for SMS.

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Marques Brownlee on Blue Bubbles vs Green Bubble - Explained...

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