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Professor Brian Cox is an English physicist specialising in particle physics and quantum mechanics and he is a former musician as well.

During an interview for the BBC with Jim Al-Khalili, also a British physicist, Jim asks Brian Cox to try to explain quantum mechanics in less than 60 seconds, literally with a stopwatch!

To which Brian Cox explains: "Well the most basic version I know of, which is Fineman's (Richard Fineman) version which says - Particles are particles that hope from place to place at a particular probability. And the probability that a particle at someplace will be at some different place later is given by a very simple rule that is the action that has to do with the particle and the time and the distance. So you basically calculate the distance between these actions and the probability thereof is what we refer to as quantum mechanics."

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: BBC News on Brian Cox Explains Quantum Mechanics In 60 Seconds - BBC News

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