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Netflix has just released their new Comedy Desaster movie called Don't Look Up that features Leonardo DeCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence who play the role of two astronomers who discover an intinction level commit that is heading towards earth and take the responsibility to inform the government immediately.

However, unlike past movies around commits, Don't Look Up plays on the priorities of western culture and how the world and government might react to such an event.

Professor Brian Cox breaks down the accuracy of Don't Look Up which is indeed on par, but even more alarmingly, he comments on the priorities of the world towards such an event and says that what professional footballers get paid is more than the budget the United States gives to its commit research and defence program a year which is shocking, to say the least!

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel: Still Watching Netflix on Brian Cox Breaks Down The Science Behind Don't Look Up - Spoilers! - Netflix...

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