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Canon is best known for being a brand that is not shy to adapt to new photographic technologies. For instance, making a bold move back in the day by changing their entire lens mount to accommodate an electronic connector. This allowed for faster autofocus systems, which ultimately rendered many photographer's systems redundant if they were to switch to the latest DSLR camera! However, this proved to be one of the best moves they have ever done, and put them miles ahead of their competitors.

Canon also was the first camera brand to offer video into a DSLR camera with the EOS 5D MkII. But, in 2021, we're in a strange place in photography as we have witnessed the death of both the bridge and consumer camera. As time goes, on we might see the memorial of the noble DSLR as well Canon is taking their mirrorless systems to a whole new level, and are even ditching EF lenses entirely.

Canon's new mirrorless mount system has, yet again, changed from an EF mount to RF, and there are hundreds of benefits of doing so.

And, the latest RF offering from canon is the well-respected 100mm macro RF. The 100mm macro has always been one of the most desirable lenses amongst canon photographers for decades, right from the first generation 100mm RF USM to the 100mm EF-L series and now the brand new 100mm RF.

Canon designed the new 100mm macro RF to deliver exceptional sharpness to large megapixel sensors and 4K video sensor Canon mirrorless cameras. And, like before, this produces images will little to no chromatic aberration, lens vignetting and corner softness.

If you ever pick this lens up, you'll notice that it has two adjustment rings! This is quite strange for a prime lens (a lens that doesn't zoom) as the only ring on a prime lens is the focus ring. But Canon has introduced a brand new game-changer which they call SA Control (Spherical Aberration Control), which will allow the user to literally control the focus and shape of the bokeh in the foreground or background of the image!

If your mind is not completely blown by now, then just carry on shooting with your Nikon...

Take a look at the video below by the YouTube channel, Peter McKinnon, on Canon's New 100mm RF Macro Lens: More Than We Asked For?

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