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Can you apply automotive ceramic coating to a smartphone, and will it prevent scratches as it does for your car?

The concept of applying a ceramic coating to your car is to create an incredibly hard and durable translucent coating of protective material over the surface of your cars paint. This, in turn, helps to prevent scratches and scuff marks, and adds an overall protective barrier against day-to-day wear and tear on your car.

So, if this works so well for your car, then what is stopping someone from using it on their mobile devices, such as a tablet or smartphone, which are too susceptible to the same, if not more scratches and scuff marks?

Well, YouTuber, Linus Tech Tips gave it a try and applied the automotive ceramic coating and let it cure for 24 hours. After that, he underwent a durability and hardness test to the phone and, without giving too much away, his outcomes were slightly disappointing, to say the least. Most of the results came back virtually identical to that of the phone without ceramic coating.

Take a look at the Linus Tech Tips YouTube video below on Can Automotive Ceramic Coatings Protect Your Smartphone?

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